Returning Flights

Come and Welcome Our Heroes Home!

Join Us in Welcoming Our Kansas Veterans Home!

Whenever our Kansas veterans make their return flight home, they are greeted with a welcome home ceremony that many of them never received--a true "Heroes Welcome Home" at the Red Roof Inn (6815 W. Kellogg).  Friends and families of the veterans, as well as active duty military personnel, state and local leaders--ALL are invited to attend.  This includes YOU!

The charter aircraft is due to arrive at 12:30 p.m., but might be a bit early. Veterans will be transported to the Red Roof Inn upon landing. You don’t want to miss their big arrival! We suggest arriving at the Red Roof Inn by 12:45 p.m.

What Do I Do Once I Arrive?

Sometimes these flights get in early and we want to be in place and ready when they arrive.  Small American Flags will be available for a small donation.  Please bring the whole family and "WELCOME HOME" signs!!!  

If you plan on busing in a school or other organization, please notify us IN ADVANCE of the scheduled date.  For safety and security reasons we need to know if large groups are going to attend.  Contact our returning flight coordinator David Blanding at


Whenever we have the volunteers to do so, we will stream the return of our Kansas veterans LIVE on Facebook.  Click or tap the button below to follow us on Facebook for photos, video and more of our Heroes Welcome Home!

The Kansas Honor Flight wants to give a special THANK YOU to the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution who come out to our Heroes Welcome Home ceremonies and provide each returning Kansas veteran with a small American Flag!

Kansas Honor Flight Thanks The Wichita Airport and Southwest Airlines for Helping Us Make This All Possible!

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