Board of Directors

Mike VanCampen


Mike has served on the board since Kansas Honor Flight formed in 2012. Besides serving as a flight leader, he and his wife, Connie, lead the planning and coordination of each flight. They reside in Turon, Kansas where they were owners/operators of an agribusiness for many years.

Board of Directors

Lowell Downey

Vice President

Lowell and his wife, Betty, reside in Hutchinson. Lowell is retired from a career in agribusiness. He also travels as a flight leader and makes many presentations to promote Kansas Honor Flight.

Board of Directors

Dan Drake


Dan has a CPA business located in Hutchinson. He along with his wife, Karen, oversee the financial affairs of Kansas Honor Flight. Dan and Karen both have served many times as flight leaders.

Board of Directors

Evon Schott


Evon resides in Topeka and has been involved with Kansas Honor Flight since 2012. She is a registered nurse and frequently works with veterans within her community. Evon has traveled as a medical advisor on multiple flights and is currently serving as board secretary.

Board of Directors

Jeff Bernett

Jeff has been involved with Kansas Honor Flight since 2014. After retiring from the United States Air Force, he moved to Wichita, KS, working full time in the aviation industry. Jeff and his wife, Liz, are both very involved in supporting Honor Flight functions, including tracking inventory and serving as flight leaders.

Board of Directors

Jean Caffrey

Jean and her husband, Pat, reside in Lillis, Kansas. Following graduation from K-State, she was a registered nurse for 35 years before becoming involved with Kansas Honor Flight. She assists on all flights as one of our flight coordinators plus she and Pat often travel as flight leaders.

Board of Directors

Rosemary Corbett

Rosemary, our western Kansas representative, was privileged to escort her WWII veteran father on his Honor Flight. He was a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge. She has a dedicated support team in Garden City, especially her husband, Rick, who has helped put on a very successful January Chile Feed fundraiser since 2010. Rosemary has served on numerous flights as a flight leader.

Board of Directors

Tom DeMayo

Tom joined our board of directors in 2013. He and his wife, Leta, have traveled with his father-in-law on an Honor Flight. He served our country in the Navy during the Vietnam War era and is a member of Wichita’s American Legion Post #4. He was employed by the Union Pacific Railroad as a conductor in and around Wichita. He also travels as a flight leader.

Board of Directors

Kenny White

Kenny is a Vietnam War veteran, Commander of Wichita’s American Legion Post #4 and is ready, willing, and able to help all veterans. He and his wife, Cindy, also have served as Flight Leaders and are very involved in fundraising activities.

Board of Directors

Lavonna Schlageck

Lavonna serves on the board of directors and as a flight leader. She is very instrumental in contacting veterans and guardians as we arrange our flights to Washington, D.C.